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We are a group of experienced and excellent people in the areas of creativity, project management and business operations. So, the strength that makes us different from other event organizers is that:

All of our creative ideas are systematic, interrelated, structured, and intertwined to form a comprehensive and explicit picture;

With the superior capabilities and experience in project management, we are easy to manage and control your event to the smallest work.

Effective in planning - implementation - management and operation that help us to minimize the time and cost for the our client and for ourselves.

Deep understanding of business cultures and business models is the key factor that easily recognize us. If you look at any of our events, you will easily notice both the creative factor and the characteristics of each business. Simply because we understand your business and we create it for your business.

We're RI Events … One of The Best Event Companies in Vietnam.



“To become the first thought event company when you need an event agency for your important events“



"Contributes to improving the status and value of Vietnam's event management services 



  • Art-drivenThe artistic elements are used as the foundation and maximize creativity

  • Quality-oriented: quality of service provided is placed above profit targets

  • Go TogetherThe first priority is to maximize the value of customers to obtain the corresponding values

  • People is King: maximize benefits of employees (short and long term), prioritizing investment in our people and attract talent


  • Creativeness

  • Focuses

  • Commitment

  • Customer-oriented  



One of The Best Event Companies in Vietnam